New Joining Members Please Have A Description Or Face Deletion.


This Is An (ADULT) Plushie Community.
You Must Be 18+ to Join.



The Site Rules

Please NOTE; If you do not have a description of at least some type, I may just delete you. If you want to be a member have at least something for a description.



Additionally I would ask that anyone signing up for my site actually be interested on the subject matter.

Rules may be added without warning.

1. No underage content. (This doesn't include plushies.) You must be an adult to post any videos or photos of yourself.

Any and all illegal content will be reported.

NOT a rule. Stuffed toys can be any age, as they aren't real children.

So for instance, if you want to post photos or videos of Cub Simba, or even Bart Simpson, that is allowed. Bart is a fictional character, not real.

What you can not post is any real photos or videos of real children.

2. No out of site copyrighted material allowed. If you do post something from outside the site, it must exclusively belong to the owner posting such material.

Any and all material must belong to the uploader. You also take full responsibility for any content you upload. If it is illegal, than you will also be banned.

3. ALL Material posted must have an appropriate description as to what the content is. And or tags.

I Will Do My Best To One Day Get This Working.

Such as (Scat, pee, urine.) and or (Vomit) if that is your thing.

4. Do NOT perpetrate some other person as you, that is an instant ban.

5. Complaints about the messy material which is encouraged on this site will NOT be tolerated. If you do not like the material, than get off this site.

6. Please do not come here for no other purpose than to destroy a plushie. It is strongly discouraged.

7. If you can not treat others nice as you would like to be treated, do not say anything at all.

8. Drama is discouraged, even if you believe a person is trying to start, treat my members nice.

9. If you are under (18) don't even think about signing up. As the below link points out, I do NOT want police involvement if I can avoid it, I will.

In addition to this, if it should become necessary I WILL make a person prove their age.

In other words, I'll require a photo id and a clear picture of you next to it. Proving you are indeed old enough. And IF you do not comply, you will be banned permanently. (Please understand, and know that I will Never ask for pins or anyone's social security number. And also to remember to never give this information away to anyone.) Employers are an exception to this, as well as anyone else who keeps this information private. Like creditors and many others. But NEVER give this information away to anyone who could exploit it. ID theft is at an all time high, never take a chance.

Therefor I will NEVER ask you for this information. If it is someone who seems like me asking this, DO NOT GIVE ME THIS INFORMATION... Again, I will NEVER ask for this information.


10. Bestiality is illegal in most parts of the world, so it is of course against the rules.

11. Any likeness to child porn is prohibited. Drawings or anything else for that fact. No Shota Underage Yaoi or Lolicon. Cub Porn not counted, as there's no actual law on it directly as far as I know.

12. Multiple Accounts Prohibited. First warning only gets you banned for a period of time. 2nd 3rd or 4th? I don't know yet, maybe just longer and longer periods of banning, until it becomes permanent. One account per person is enough.
In addition to this rule, do NOT make up dummy accounts to pick on others, that will get you banned permanently.

13. Spammers beware. I will delete anyone suspected of being a spammer. This is NOT an advertisement website. However, if you are a relevant site to this site, I may post an add to your site on the main page. But you must join than ask for one. I will review your requests, and if approved, you will be listed.


What is allowed.

Nearly any kind of messy play you can think of with a plushie.

Scat, Pee, Vomit, Mud. What ever you are into.

Rules are partly based on the below.

Copyrights. I take no responsibility for the plushies used, which are under a US Copyright. Copyright infringement NOT intended. However, if a copyright holder complains, I will have to take down such material.

Forum Rules, see

Please Take Note To The Following.


Site Donations

Site donations are welcome. And anyone who donates, will get a certain amount of promotional status for a certain period of time.

For instance, 5$ gets you a month, 29.95 gets you one year.
Be sure when you donate to include your user name here, so that I know who donated. Don't just donate without this information.
My total yearly cost just now is 107.40 That has been paid, and the one who donated it has a year promotional status.

Sites cost money, even free to join sites. I want to keep it free, as I don't want to be like some sites which charge just to watch videos.
Together we'll keep this site free, and a good place for our kind to hang out.

Forum Posts

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