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Ohh... Over the hill, and sober[L[created by Peepanda 02.05.2018]][L[last reply by Peepanda 03.05.2018]]You know, while I'm sitting here letting my dick recharge after that wonderful session with who I call Princess Bear (see rec...
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High Watching Super Troopers[L[created by admin 14.03.2018]][L[last reply by admin 17.03.2018]]Pot is always a good idea, as it makes even a pathetic life worthwhile to live. It also makes life bearable.I think it'...
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High Again[L[created by admin 15.03.2018]][L[last reply by admin 15.03.2018]]Well I am sitting here high, watching Ghostbusters II.And I like what happens during this trial. LOL.
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