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Plushie Poop
Pooped On Stitch again[L[created by admin 21.09.2018]][L[last reply by admin 21.09.2018]]Only problem is, my phone's memory is too full to take any crappy pics.Next time when I can, I will take pics.
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Fievel Poop Pics Coming[L[created by admin 15.08.2018]][L[last reply by admin 15.08.2018]]There's no poop in his mouth, BUT, this once I upload, will be one of the only times.
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Site Banner can change[L[created by admin 31.07.2018]][L[last reply by admin 31.07.2018]]Now that I know how, if someone wants to submit a new banner, I will consider changing that too from time to time.
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Oopsy Bear Scat[L[created by admin 21.05.2018]][L[last reply by admin 21.05.2018]]Posted some new Oopsy Bear scat.  ;-)Did these today.  xD
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My Large Grumpy Bear[L[created by admin 15.05.2018]][L[last reply by admin 16.05.2018]]
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Considering Pooping On Something[L[created by admin 18.03.2018]][L[last reply by TheOtherJuggernaut 01.05.2018]]My body has been kicking me for awhile now, I believe it is chunks, as  it has not made many if any gurgling sounds.Wha...
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Poopy fursuit fun![L[created by FoxWolfie 09.03.2018]][L[last reply by FoxWolfie 14.03.2018]]Is anyone here into pooping on or in fursuits,or would ever want to try it? If so, would you rather go inside a fursuit while...
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Request if anyone is [L[created by dogplushieluv 04.03.2018]][L[last reply by FoxWolfie 09.03.2018]]interested. I'd love to see some dirty play with any kind of puppets. It can be poo, pee, and or cum.  Thanks
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Stitch 626[L[created by admin 07.03.2018]][L[last reply by admin 07.03.2018]]
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Plush Yiff and Plushie Poop[L[created by admin 03.03.2018]][L[last reply by admin 04.03.2018]]I am going to at random, post some stuff I have on Plush Yiff RU. My goal is to post all the better stuff here.An...
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