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Care Bears

I've been rather engrossed by Care Bears lately.

The jumbo 2002 ones are awesome to cuddle and sleep with; which I've been doing now for over a month, switching bears every few days.  And they're great to yiff; which I haven't been doing much lately since I'm older and can't boink a plush 2-3 times a day like I used to (more like 2-3 times a week, at most).

I promised Love-a-Lot that I would have fun with her.  And I have a white 25th Anniversary Tenderheart Bear that...  well he isn't white anymore!  So that's why the new pics have been mostly Care Bears.  Today's batch includes Polite Panda, as she hasn't seen any action lately.  Funshine Bear is next on the list, though not for a few more days as he's currently sharing my bed.  He's really pee stinky right now.  He's also one of my favorites to shower on.


Also, as for my old VK pics, I still have over 1,600 plush ones not posted here, in addition to the 400+ ones already up.  And there's over 300 old fursuit pics that I can upload, either taken in public, have permission from the fursuiter, or are of my own suits, many of which are messy, assuming the Admin doesn't mind.

Oh yes, I’m really looking forward o the fursuit pics!



When I copied ur name @It stayed bold. LOL.

Cool, thanks.

Given that I own the pics, I don't mind posting them.  And I don't even mind if other people post my stuff elsewhere, provided they give proper credit, and post only the original for free.

There's actually a lot more fursuit pics that I can't post, because they were private photo shoots.  But I have permission from FoxWolfie and myself, so those are the 300 that I'll be posting.

If you are posting things from FoxWolfie, that is great. I can not wait to see some of the messy stuff.
More Scat stuff will be coming from me too, in the future.

I hope some of these fursuit pics are pee pics, I like pee on fursuit pics.

Pee on fursuits it is then.  Give me a couple of days and they'll be up.

In fact, I'll do the pissy dalmation suit with Heather Bunny plush that I wore to a concert as part of the show (dirty, of course) then had fun with later that night.

It was a Yarz Revenge show in 2002.  And yes I had the suit on in the mosh pit.

Sounds like fun, to go to a concert with a fursuit on. sealed


Would look nice with some poop on him after that pee. sealed

The concert was very hot.  I've also been to the movies in a fursuit; but they don't let people do that anymore around here.

I'm not personally into scat, even though I enjoy looking at the pics.  So another member will have to fulfill your Bedtime Bear dream.  A picture of his muzzle covered in poo with him exuding it from his mouth down onto his belly would be interesting.  As if he went straight into eating a big poo pie but couldn't take it all.

Okay so the dalmatian pics are up.  And yes, the suit was as dirty as it looks in vfsdapc1.jpg at the show, even though you can't see it very well in the pics taken at the venue.

In other news, I bough a 2-liter of soda for the first time in weeks, as my Tenderheart Bear is still too white.  I like a nice yellowish stained look.  I'm going to down this whole bottle tonight, as unbelievably syrupy and sugary as it tastes, walk a lot of it off, and hopefully get some nice dark morning pee tomorrow or the next day.  He and Funshine can share.  Pics to follow.

I tend to keep my bears clean, but love to hug them and sleep with them :)

"I tend to keep my bears clean, but love to hug them and sleep with them :)"

I tend to love my plushies. Even if that includes pooping on some of them..