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Christopher Robin

If you haven't seen the new Christopher Robin movie yet, go see it.  IMO, it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.  I was hard throughout most of the film, being that there are really good, cute plush scenes throughout.

There are three good reasons to see this movie:

First, it has living plush as some of the main characters.

Second, it has food messiness - hunny.

Third, it has a good plot that adds to established Pooh storylines, and isn't over Disneyfied.

Did you like the plush they used? That would have been neat if they used the Giant Mattel plush, but it probably wouldn't have worked since they are supposed to be old.

Yes I liked the plush they used.  They were kind of old-style, but Disney/Mattel enough that people would recognize them today.

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