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Coming up

Okay we're getting into old pic folders that have a LOT of stuff.

I was just glancing through one and it looks like the following will be up over the next few weeks and months:

Billy Biggle




lots of Popples

Bear in the Big Blue House characters

Blinky Bill and Nutsy

Lots of bears and bunnies

Meeko (of course)


Surprisingly only 1 Fievel pic, which is already up.  I'll be fixing this mistake with new pics eventually since there are several Fievels around here.  I just need a glass tabletop.

Ooh! I can't wait. :) I've been enjoying them. I would also love to see any dalmatian and Folkmanis puppet pics if you have any.


I am enjoying your posts.
I'd love to see more Fievel stuff, but it is okay if you have no more of it.


dogplushieluvOh you're going to love the dalmatian pics coming up today.  He's more yellow than white.  Folkmanis is coming up at some point but I don't know when.

  Fievel is on my list of new projects.  I yiffed him a lot, but apparently never photographed it.

I should also mention that the Puffball Popple picture is among my favorites.

I certainly would like to see what you might do with a Fievel. I love Fievel to near no end. He's who I sleep with every night.

Three artists on Inkbunny have drawn fairly well what I would do with Fievel: Brienoir, TheSuperProfessor, and of course Whippy.

As for the plush Fievel, I plan to use a canvas from an umbrella, sleeping bags, a tarp, and a glass tabletop.  You can use your imagination as to what will happen.

Okay there are some pics and series coming up in the next few days that deserve some background info.

First, the one posted tonight showing plushies in a bag being pissed on.  That one was taken just before I moved out of state.  The bag was pissed in, sealed, packed, and in a truck for 24+ hours.  It was going to be a 12-hour move.  But we got caught in a snow storm and had to get a hotel.  Needless to say that bag smelled really good when it was unpacked.  And it was the first to be unpacked so that nothing got moldy.

Second, the panty shots.  Those panties belong to Minnie Mouse.  I took them off of her, and had a night of fun with them and Rabbit from Pooh.  Actually I did this many times, but only took pics once.

Sylvester's tail.  These pics became somewhat well-known after being posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica.  The trolls thought it was funny, but I didn't care.  I rather enjoyed them getting out there a bit as it got more people interested in plushophilia.  Of course they got taken down after they found out no one was being incensed, since they weren't funny to them anymore.

The Popple waterfall.  These were some of my first plushie experimental pics.  What would it be like to piss into a Popple's pouch so much that it overflowed all over the place.  You'll see.

Sounds like I might enjoy the pics.   ;)