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I don't often go to the movies, unless a film comes out that I simply must go see.  It's even more rare that I go multiple times.

I strongly urge anyone who hasn't seen Fahrenheit 11/9 yet to go see it.  IMO, it's worth the money regardless of your political stance.  I've already been twice with different people; and will be going again in the coming 2 weeks with even more people.

Without any spoilers, the film documents how we got to where we are in our current political climate in the U.S.  It's critical of both President Trump and President Obama.  Granted the film leans heavily toward the left.  But it's also very critical of the political elites on both sides here in the States, mostly leftist elites including Secretary Clinton.

Again if you haven't seen it, please do so.  And if you have seen it, go again and take a few extra friends with you.  It's worth it.

FYI, my personal bias is left.  I'm a Democratic Socialist who has seen every Michael Moore film.  IMO, this is one of his best movies, that is fair to the conservative viewpoint.

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