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For the few members I have who post

Please post a few photos you wish to see as photo of the month. This way, you my members can get some influence into this to help me decide what photos should make the next photos of the month.

So far I've recused myself from answering this thread since many of my pics are featured.

But to answer your question generically, I strongly prefer pics that show heavily stained and/or used plush, and have clearly visible, fresh cum or dark pee on their face or chest.  My old Tails pic that is currently up, or my recent Hello Kitty pics are good examples.

I too like seeing stained plushies. But as you know, I also like staining my plushies in poop as well as cum and pee. Was just looking for suggestions of what to choose for the months pic of the month.  ;-)

I love your pics BTW.